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Business Policy


Always meet the needs of their customers Keleşoğlu AK Construction.
Keleşoğlu AK Construction will build the facilities;
     • Promise to comply with the specifications
     • Time to complete
     • complement the state budget guarantees.
Keleşoğlu AK Construction, practices and ISO 9001 Quality Management System and Conditions for the exact application of the Quality Management System will demonstrate its commitment to maintaining quality.
Keleşoğlu AK Construction Company:
     • recognizes the importance of quality management.
     • All employees, resource providers and sub-contractors must comply with the requirements of the Quality System will recommend provide the necessary assurances.
     • Management control, training, and audit their own operation, and make improvements in order to fulfill effectively their customers, arranges for them to benefit from the resource providers and employees.
AK Construction Company Keleşoğlu good friendship relations, continuous evaluation of environmental impacts of activities, materials, and is committed to providing assurance on other issues. Ear to the construction environment, we (directly or indirectly) is probably less than the negative impact of systems and materials are employed. Environmental strategies by replacing harmful products with useful products, we guarantee it. Published about economic developments projects in accordance with all legal provisions to protect the environment is suitable.
Each of our employees to protect the environment and is committed to making even more livable feel. Management policies, employees, and suppliers on environmental issues and possible sub-yüklenicilierimizi against the dangers of environmental pollution in a way that encourages arranged to show the necessary sensitivity.
Keleşoğlu AK Construction management team, under the management of the company and its employees working on site all other staff to guarantee a healthy and safe and unharmed çalışabilmelerinin gives priority to a great extent. The purpose of this policy; injuries, other unnecessary losses, reduce liability and protect environment. This policy is founded on the implementation of the three columns.
     1. To control the risks of accidents and to identify and secure a well-trained personnel to use a business process with a rigorous
     2. Chain, which guarantees the continuity of the administrative responsibilities of health and safety and management of the company's business principles remain fundamental values.
     3. All employees' safety and health procedures, projects that enable us to undertake to observe the two-way communication network.
The best way Keleşoğlu AK Construction safety procedures for the maintenance and management of many works in cooperation with the establishment of certification. OHSAS 18001 certificate, structuring, and procedures that comply with the rules of the way we work clearly shows that the necessary security. In addition, the dangers of its own for each construction area, taking into consideration the specific situation of the risks and prepare a new security regulations. With the general safety regulation from regulation where this poster can be seen by everyone is.

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