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Trabzon Project Great Interest(19/03/2012)

Trabzon Project Great Interest


Until now a very successful project which has a similar Keleşoğlu AK Engineering Project Construction Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.. Sti. Trabzon, "a modern, secure, reliable and integrated with nature" is creating an innovative housing concept.
Founded total project area of ​​45.000m2 KeleşoğluAK, 180 dwelling units, including five pieces of 2 types of 9-storey block of A and B and 3 +1 and 2 +1 duplex apartments.Located in KeleşoğluAK designed 9-story Residence 3 +1 apartment type, all in the Trabzon area offers a different approach to the understanding of housing for the first time. 13.000m2 total land an area of ​​(60.5%) is allocated to parks and green spaces.
Residental concerted Shopping and Business Centre, 3-storey block of galleries and a variety of sizes designed indoor and outdoor total rentable area consists of 14.000m2.
KeleşoğluAK created to meet the goal of every need and expectation, ornamental and jogging trails, basketball and volleyball courts, bike paths, such as offers a variety of social facilities.
Ak Keleşoğlu project architecture KeleşoğluAK'ın Keleşoğlu Architecture Construction Trade Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary. Sti. undertaken. 5 different types of blocks and two different apartment houses planned KeleşoğluAK useful, aesthetic and modern architectural structure and offers you a comfortable living.
KeleşoğluAK, architectural structure safe against earthquake risks, social opportunities for all kinds of needs, integrated with nature, aesthetics and architecture, apartment options and payment terms offered at different sizes, offering you a perfect life. Perfect Design, Perfect Strength, Perfect Landscaping, Perfect Investment and Perfect Price Advantage Trabzon'nun KeleşoğluAK'da meets the perfect project.
The shopping center offers everything at your fingertips ... KeleşoğluAK KeleşoğluAK'ta living, Hypermarket, variety stores, fast food outlets, cinema and entertainment sections, meeting and wedding halls, health, education departments take place. Black Sea region has the distinction of being the first and only brings KeleşoğluAK an alternative understanding of housing. Office blocks of different sizes located in the shopping center offers a variety of usage possibilities. KeleşoğluAK, innovative approach to creating your ideal life quality. The company's new project was launched in Izmir Keleşoğlu Akkonak project.
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